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Happiness is considered very important in life.

Everybody desires to be happy in life and interestingly the requirements to be cheerful vary from person to person .This is the main reason why defining happiness is not that easy. However, there are some common things that are regarded important to be delighted in life. Defining happiness is quite challenging because the requirements to achieve it is not fixed. while someone dreams that his economics freedom would make him happy, a very rich man dreams about having a caring family to be happy. On the contrary, many poor families, mostly in poor countries, find more children to be their burden. The practical world is quite puzzling and the humankind wants more than they have. When a person’s aim or expectation is fulfilled, he wants more and this is a never ending process. This is why happiness is not a simply word that we can describe with a neat and precise definition.

Happiness is often considered difficult to define .why is this? what factors determine happiness?

As we know, different people have different levels of needs. These unsatisfied needs further stimulate an individual to act in order to satisfy them. Once the needs of a specific level are satisfied, an individual starts aspiring to move on to the next level needs. Fulfilment of needs leads to satisfaction which further provides happiness to a person. Therefor, we can say that happiness is a by-product of satisfaction .a highly affluent person may not be contented with what he has, a poor person can be happy while struggling for a day’s meal. Similarly, the first and foremost is a feeling of a positive sense of discontent always remains happy. A person is happy with his work and life but still aspires for more and more to learn and to achieve. The other factor is the locus of control or the key to happiness. A person is either controlled by the externals factors, or he is capable of controlling them. His happiness decided by the other people or things, not by his own mind. If people are controlled their minds, then they can control their own happiness, no matter what the circumstances are.

To conclude, happiness depends on our attitudes and perceptions. As far as we have the keys to happiness in our hands, Nothing external in this world can affect the level of our happiness and satisfaction.

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